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4 Best Spots for Running in NYC Midtown to Keep You on Your Toes

Tim Welsh Explore New York

Why is working out while traveling is always such a struggle?

Your hotel may have a really nice gym, but getting thrown out of your element and off your normal schedule makes it a challenge to squeeze in regular workouts.

These top spots for running in NYC Midtown give you that extra push out of the hotel and into the streets. (Just make sure to watch out for those notorious New York drivers.)

4 Best Spots for Running in NYC

For the best experience, start early. Most of New York’s best parks and running paths can get pretty crowded by mid-morning or early afternoon.

Luckily, since it’s the City that Never Sleeps, you can still find somewhere to grab your favorite pre-workout coffee before hitting the pavement.

1. The High Line

The High Line is a must-visit for hip running in NYC because the entire park is built on top of an old rail line. The High Line park is only about 1.5 miles long, but it’s filled with unique structures and sights to see.

Remember why you’re running in NYC as you pass the world’s first Oreo cookie factory. Head over the Pershing Square Beams for a mini parkour challenge. There’s definitely no shortage of awesome views here either.

2. Roosevelt Island

Just a few blocks from your room at Concorde Hotel New York you’ll find Roosevelt Island. Previously a brutal prison and labor camp, known as Damnation Island, its terrible conditions were documented by the famous undercover journalist Nellie Bly.

Plenty of rebel women did time here many moons ago for performing abortions, trumped-up public obscenity charges, speaking against the WWI draft, and supporting anarchist beliefs.

Today, you’re more likely to see luxury modern high rises and you may even “run” into a famous diplomat – Roosevelt Island is right next to the United Nations Headquarters.

3. Van Cortlandt Park

This park involves a train ride into the Bronx but if you want to forget you’re in the biggest city in the country for a bit, it’s worth the trip.

Van Cortlandt Park delivers nearly 15 miles of paved trails and urban forest spread out across 1,146 acres – perfect for a morning of exploring.

You could even spend a full day here. Van Cortlandt Park is also home to a museum, history hikes, and plenty of outdoor events.

4. Running in NYC ­– Around the Pond in Central Park

Central Park provides a massive 843 acres of land, several bodies of water, historic structures, and no shortage of events year-round.

Just 15 minutes outside your door at Concorde Hotel (or faster, if you run) you’ll find a perfect running loop around The Pond. Central Park is filled with historic bridges, but it doesn’t get more iconic than the Gapstow Bridge (the one from Home Alone) across The Pond.

Lace Up Your Shoes in Midtown Manhattan

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To help you keep your pump, we also have a 24-hour fitness center with a nice selection of hand weights and machines.

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