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5 Reasons Extended Stay Hotels Are Perfect for Your New York City Trip

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What’s better than a vacation? A long vacation.

When you choose to rest and relax at extended stay hotels, whether your reservation is long or short, you get all the benefits of taking a long trip.

To put it bluntly, an extended stay property offers more amenities, convenience, and comfort than regular hotels. Best of all, you don’t necessarily need to book an extended stay to stay at one.

There are great reasons why these types of hotels are trending big not only in the U.S. but also around the world. Find out what they are and get ready to book your next vacation.

Why Should You Choose Extended Stay Hotels?

There are plenty of reasons to choose an extended stay over a regular hotel. These are the top 5:

1. You Don’t Have to Stay Long

According to BusinessDictionary, an “extended stay” is a hotel stay that’s longer than a week. However, you don’t have to stay that long at modern extended stay properties.

In fact, a trend that’s happening right now is guests stay for shorter periods of time – 4 days or less – at an extended stay property, according to Skift. That might be due to modern travelers being more knowledgeable or extended stays getting a boost in visibility. Whatever the case, it’s great news for any type of hotel guest who wants more from their accommodations.

2. It’s a Better Value for Longer Trips

Of course, if you plan on taking a long, extended trip, an extended stay is the best choice for better value.

Most hotels offering extended stay will let you reserve your room by the week, or will give you a discount the longer you stay. At a regular hotel, you would pay more for less space and fewer amenities.

3. Extended Stay Hotels Offer the Comforts of Home

Sometimes, a hotel room consists of nothing more than a bed, a shower, a toilet, and a TV. At an extended stay hotel, that is not the case.

These hotels instead exist to make you feel at home because they’re intended for guests with lengthy stays of a week or longer. That means the comforts of home will be all around you, including:

  • More spacious rooms
  • Kitchenettes with mini refrigerators and/or microwaves
  • Larger bathrooms with spa-like showers and tubs
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Fitness centers with treadmills, weights, and other exercise machines
  • Business centers with computers, printers, and mail service
  • Laundry service and/or washers and dryers

Think about it: What would you rather do at the end of a long travel day? Would you like to return to your tiny hotel room and attempt to relax on the hard mattress? Or, would you rather make yourself a snack in your kitchenette, watch a show on your high-definition TV, and then take a long soak in your jacuzzi tub while you get a load of laundry done?

4. Extended Stay Rooms Aren’t Just for Business Travelers

Contrary to popular belief, extended stay rooms aren’t only for travelers on extended business. Instead, they’re also a perfect option for leisure travelers, families, and solo travelers looking for luxury.

General vacationers are finally catching on to what business travelers have enjoyed for years – superior hotels at better prices with more amenities. That’s not to mention the luxuriousness of rooming at a boutique hotel with incredible service.

5. They’re Trending Right Now

Extended stays are on the rise in the U.S. We can thank Europe for introducing this trend, as well as the increase of homeowners and apartment dwellers who rent out their properties to travelers and tourists.

These days, it seems people are craving that “home away from home” feeling while they travel the world. Extended stays deliver on that. It makes sense, since world travel is easier now than at any other point in history.

Book Extended Stay Rooms and Enjoy Feeling at Home

Extended stay rooms and hotels give you the ultimate experience while you’re on the road. You get more choices, more flexibility, and more comforts than you would get at regular hotels. It’s no wonder these types of accommodations are trending right now – they provide the ultimate final touch to any trip.

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