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Best Places to Do Business in Midtown East

Tim Welsh Travel Tips

Midtown East is the perfect location for business travelers in New York City. A prime location with proximity to the Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and Grand City Central Terminal, the connectivity and options for shopping, dining, and drinking are virtually limitless.

Finding the perfect business hotel in New York can make a big difference when it comes to having an enjoyable time and mixing business with pleasure.

A Roundup of the Best Places to Do Business in NYC

Ready to find the perfect business hotel and cafes for your work stay? Check out these options.

1. Concorde Hotel

A quaint boutique hotel in Midtown East, the Concorde manages to be one of the only truly quiet hotels in New York, despite its prime location (and we all know how important that is, after a long day at work.) It’s a business hotel during the week and hosts leisure guests on weekends.

The Concorde makes a painstaking effort to make your stay a special one, with only 4 rooms per 37 floors. Perks include fast Wi-Fi and connectivity, close proximity to places like WeWork Grand Central, 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center, spacious and picturesque rooms, a bathroom that features a rainfall shower and soaking tub, and more.

2. Le Pain Quotidien

Business lunches are the new business meetings. If you’re looking for a quick bite while you wrap up your contract, consider Le Pain Quotidien on 2nd Ave. You’re guaranteed to have a fresh and nutritious meal and just the right amount of calories to help you power through the day.

Pro Tip: Check out their new autumn seasonal menu!

3. Juan Valdez Café 

This is one of those typical “Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover” places. Unassuming on the outside, but cavernous and spellbinding on the inside. If you have a party of more than 5 for a business lunch, go to Juan Valdez, one of the very few cafes of this size, in Manhattan.

Besides the tropical rainforest and natural vibes, you can expect a mean espresso, tons of pastry options to grab on-the-go, bubble tea, and meals prepared with organic ingredients.

4. Kellari Taverna  

The special business luncheons at Greek restaurant Kellari Taverna (located between 5th and 6th Ave) more than pack a punch. Just taking a stroll through the (frozen) fresh seafood aisle will spark your hunger long before lunchtime! The biggest perk of this place is that it’s not too crowded during lunchtime, so you can worry less about the noise and have clear conversations.

Fair warning: Each of their courses is sizeable and enough to qualify as a full portion. So, we’d suggest going to this place for a celebratory work lunch or to conclude a business deal so that everyone involved doesn’t have to go back to a grueling schedule after a hearty lobster and baklava-laden meal.

5. Hatsuhana

Asian food, especially Japanese food, is a go-to cuisine for sit-down business lunches. Most restaurants are quiet, allowing conversations to flow freely and comfortably. Also, Japanese food is light enough to satisfy you without you having to battle a food coma for the remaining 3 hours of your workday.

Hatsuhana (between 5th and Madison Ave) is such a place, with an upscale feel and uber authentic sushi and sashimi fare. Their spicy tuna rolls and Omakase are a must-try.Are you ready to book your next business hotel in New York? Give us a call or book directly online.