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Best Window Displays During Christmas in New York

Kelli White Explore New York

New York is a magical winter wonderland during the holidays. If you look around, you’ll be sure to see hundreds of various window displays lighting up the snowy NYC streets. The majority of the displays begin right before Thanksgiving and run all the way up to the New Year holiday, ensuring you’ve got plenty of time to visit (or come back again)! We’ve pick our favorite five window displays that are a must see when visiting New York during the holidays.

Bergdorf Goodman

How can we not mention this Mecca of holiday window displays. Located on 5th avenue, Bergdorf Goodman is home to several themed holiday windows that will stop you in your snowy tracks. This holiday season, the windows are featuring the theme “Bergdorf Goodies”. The windows are all designed to mimic various sugary delights and holiday inspired treats. Various installments include; peppermint swirl, cotton candy, ice-cream, and of course an enchanted gingerbread forest. Bergdorf’s window displays are an absolute treat for any age to enjoy!

Tiffany & Co.

During the holidays, you will find more than just bling at this iconic New York jeweler. Tiffany & Co. divisional vice president of global store design and creative visual merchandising, Richard Moore, has said that this year’s windows will give onlookers a behind the scenes glimpse of a Tiffany holiday in the making. You can count of Tiffany & Co. to go above and beyond decking out those windows!

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue knows how to make a statement when it comes to decking the halls with holiday pizazz. Located right across from Rockefeller Center, you can peek at the famous Rockefeller tree before taking a glimpse at the holiday windows! In 2018, the theme was an ode to the Broadway stage, featuring a live performance from Broadway dancers right on Fifth Avenue. The windows featured dreamy depictions of a shopping experience with Saks, with an old holiday glamour vibe. Saks’ knows how to put on quite the holiday show you’re sure to remember in years to come!


Cartier, a luxury jewelry and accessories brand, is a site to see any time of the year but especially during the holidays. Wrapped in a giant, glowing red bow, the Cartier store itself looks like a perfectly wrapped present ready for you to open. In the Cartier windows, you can always find a fun flair on the traditional holiday decorations.

Macy’s Herald Square

We couldn’t not talk about the iconic Macy’s Department Store, located on W. 35th street. Macy’s holiday windows are the most visited of all the NYC holiday window displays. This year, Macy’s will be unveiling six window displays “Believe in the Wonder”, a broadway inspired holiday theme that is sure to leave us in awe.