the vessel in new york

Top 8 Most Instagrammable Places in Manhattan

Kelli White Explore New York, Travel Tips

New York City is home to some of the most gorgeous architecture, parks, and artworks that the nation has to offer. As you walk down the streets of NYC you can see just how popular some of these spots are by the swarm of posed people and smartphones snapping away to get that perfect shot. We have compiled a list …

christmas window display

Best Window Displays During Christmas in New York

Kelli White Explore New York

New York is a magical winter wonderland during the holidays. If you look around, you’ll be sure to see hundreds of various window displays lighting up the snowy NYC streets. The majority of the displays begin right before Thanksgiving and run all the way up to the New Year holiday, ensuring you’ve got plenty of time to visit (or come …

rockefeller center signs

What to Do Around Rockefeller Center

Tim Welsh Explore New York, Travel Tips

The Rockefeller Center is a New York City icon, consisting of 19 commercial building that sprawl over 22 acres! Exploring the entire Rockefeller Center can be quite exhausting, maybe impossible in one day, so we’ve narrowed down our must-do list for anyone visiting the Rockefeller.  Our favorite spots around Rockefeller Center. Dining – Restaurants & Bars Walking around the 22 …

midtown east bar

What to Do in Midtown East on Thursday

Tim Welsh Explore New York

Just because it’s a Thursday doesn’t mean you have nothing to do. Quite the contrary, especially in Midtown. Midtown East is one of the busiest areas of NYC thanks to the proximity to Central Park, 5th Avenue, Broadway, Times Square, and almost all of the famous landmarks you know like the Empire State Building. Once you’ve explored the sites, you’re …

breakfast at hotel

Best Breakfast in Midtown East

Tim Welsh Explore New York

There’s nothing better than starting your day in New York with a satisfying breakfast from one of the local eateries in Midtown East. With cuisines that vary from typical hearty breakfast fare and simple baked goods to fine-dining and gourmet choices — breakfast in Midtown East has something for everyone. Finding the Best Breakfast in Midtown East Midtown East offers …

easter bunny sculpture

Best Easter Idea in New York

Tim Welsh Explore New York, New York Events

Easter in New York is a special time. We love it here in New York. If you haven’t heard, Easter kicks off some of the most popular months to visit our great city. Here are some ideas of what you should do in New York this year. Easter Parade & Bonnet Festival That’s right. There is a bonnet festival and …

internet cafe

Internet Cafes Near the Concorde Hotel

Tim Welsh Explore New York

A change of scenery without the change in speed. Although the Concorde offers high-speed WiFi in every room, we understand that sometimes you need a change in scenery without a change in work speed. Enter: the internet café. Packed with delicious breakfast and lunch options, coffee or tea, and high-speed WiFi, it has everything you need to stay fueled and …

happy hour cocktail

Daytime Happy Hours in New York City

Tim Welsh Explore New York, Travel Tips

Daytime Drinks at Happy Hour Prices In the City that never seems to sleep, not everyone has the luxury of weekends or evenings off. For the worker that never quits, you need happy hours that know no bounds. For the best weekday happy hour daytime deals near you, stay tuned! Happy Hour Monday through Friday: Beginning at 8 a.m., you …

fine restaurant

Award-Winning Restaurants Near Concorde Hotel

Tim Welsh Explore New York

For food as luxurious as your stay… When a City’s nickname is The Melting Pot, it’s hard to pass up seeing what restaurants have to offer. Luckily, being situated in Midtown East means that there is no shortage of award-winning restaurants nearby. Right down the street is The Grill, a steak and cocktail restaurant set in the historic Seagram Building. …