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Doing Business Trips in Style

Tim Welsh Travel Tips

Business trips don’t have to mean all work and no play; choosing the right hotel can mean the difference between luxurious productivity or an aching back from a poor mattress. Instead of putting yourself — and your back — through trial and error, turn your next business trip into a productive, relaxing time abroad.

Where to Stay

The most important thing when booking your business trip is where to stay. You’ll need a hotel that focuses on practicality with the requirement of a reliable Wi-Fi, but why stop there? Instead of focusing on chains that are beneficial to your budget, explore luxury and boutique hotels. You may pay more, but the benefits are more than worth it.

At Concorde, you not only get a reliable business center, complete with computer and printer, but your room also has reliable Wi-Fi and hardline internet options. That doesn’t even factor in the hotel itself, which includes the privacy afforded by its low room number and the breathtaking view of the City. En-suite bathrooms feature spa-style bathtubs separate from the rain shower head, ensuring that you are getting the royal treatment (without the royal price)!

What to Do

It doesn’t need to be all work, after all. Getting out to explore the city you’re in will offer up plenty of networking opportunities — just ask your meeting attendees for their favorite local spot as an opener.

When it comes to New York City itself, there’s no limit to your options. Dining near the Concorde is in near-endless supply, with options ranging from My Pie Pizzeria Romana to the more traditional The National. Once you’ve wined and dined yourself, take a stroll around the block to find the latest entertainment, or even view the City as a true tourist by asking the concierge for what sites simply can’t be skipped.

The bottom line is simple: you get what you pay for, and who doesn’t want more? Instead of breaking your back on hard mattresses or take-out from the corner store, why not get the most out of your trip by exploring your client’s city in style.