Finding the right business hotel for solo travel in New York, photo of man walking past tunnel.

How to Choose the Right Business Hotel That Fits Your Travel Style

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Traveling solo on business?

The hotel you stay at during your trip can make or break your experience. After all, where will you go between meetings, after a long day of conferences or networking events, and when you need to power through some work sessions?

Most likely, the answer will be your hotel room. It will serve as your base of operations, your getaway from the grind, and your relaxation station when the workday is done.

To find the right business hotel for you, check out our top tips. Then book your room with confidence.

5 Tips to Find the Business Hotel That Suits Your Style

These are the top considerations for any solo business traveler.

1. Read the Reviews

Reading reviews should be your first priority when checking out Midtown New York business hotels.

The online reviews of a hotel will give you an overall picture of the establishment’s service, accommodations, cleanliness, amenities, location, and more. The key is to take both glowing reviews and negative reviews with a grain of salt. Weigh them equally and keep in mind the biases that can affect some guest’s perception of their stay.

Finally, check for trends in the reviews you read. What do you see mentioned again and again? If it’s something positive, that’s great. If most reviewers note the hotel is missing something important to you, move on.

Lifehacker has more tips for reading reviews critically, which can help you make a better decision.

2. Check for the Amenities You Prefer at Midtown New York Business Hotels

Knowing what you need out of a hotel to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed is essential. If you have no idea which amenities will make you feel most at home, it’s time to figure it out.

For example, does a full, hot breakfast every morning get you energized for the workday? Do you prefer a cozier setting where the staff knows you by name? Or would you rather have a sprawling suite on the top floor and lots of other guests milling around?

Think about the creature comforts you need to perform at your best, then check for those amenities at the business hotels you’re considering.

3. Look for All-in-One Business Hotels

Traveling on business means you don’t have much extra time beyond work obligations. To that end, it’s nice if the hotel you book has everything you need right there. This saves time – for example, if you need to grab a quick bite before that meeting, you can visit the hotel’s café and get a sandwich rather than trek 5 blocks to find lunch.

Another example: If your hotel includes a bar or coffee shop (or some are around the corner), these are great places to meet colleagues for networking sessions or after-work drinks.

4. Consider the Neighborhood and Security

When you’re traveling solo, security is a huge concern. The saying “there’s safety in numbers” is actually true. When you’re alone, you’re an easier target for thieves, muggers, and shady people – especially if you’re a woman, unfortunately.

Thus, before you book, check the hotel’s security measures.

  • Where are keycards required, and when? (After hours, for your room only, or to access the elevators and shared guest spaces?)
  • Are security guards on duty, especially at night?
  • Are outside areas well-lit?
  • Is the lobby secure after hours?

Don’t forget to check out the neighborhood, as well. Look at maps to understand the surrounding area (Is it residential? Touristy? Business-oriented?) and read reviews with an eye for comments about the location and safety.

5. Make Sure They Have Free Wi-Fi

On a business trip, this is one amenity you can’t live without. You need to be able to connect to the internet easily on all your necessary devices.

If possible, make sure the Wi-Fi service is unlimited. Some hotels put a cap on internet use and start charging you fees after you hit a certain amount of gigabytes. To avoid surprises on your bill, check this out beforehand.

Find a Midtown New York Business Hotel That Hits Your Must-Haves

Enjoying the best business trip you’ve ever had is possible, especially if you choose the right business hotel.

An ideal hotel will make you feel comfortable, safe, focused, and ready to attack whatever your agenda has in store. Do the extra legwork beforehand to find the ideal stay – it’s totally worth it.

Luckily, your perfect Midtown New York business hotel is right here. Book your stay at the Concorde Hotel for a restful retreat with all the amenities you need.