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How to Find Quiet Hotels in Midtown New York City

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Traveling for business? Got meetings, lunches, a conference, or networking on the docket?

Sleep is going to be at a premium.

Every hour, you get under the covers will contribute to a great performance, high energy, and everything else that adds up to a fantastic business trip.

So, when booking a hotel, the top feature you should look for is quietness.

How do you find a quiet hotel?

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Looking for a Quiet Business Hotel? Try These 5 Tips

It’s not too hard to find midtown New York business hotels with plenty of peace and quiet. You just need to know where to do your research and where to book your room.

1. Look at Customer Reviews to Find Quiet Hotels

Overwhelmingly, word-of-mouth will tell you a hotel’s reputation for quiet better than any other source. Head to a review hub for the hotel (Google and TripAdvisor are good sources) and see what guests say about the noise levels, especially at night.

Look for honest reviews, but remember to weigh the positive and negative comments alongside each other to get the clearest picture.

2. Request a Room Away from Noisy Areas (Elevators, Lobbies, and Swimming Pools/Recreation)

Every hotel has quiet spots. Usually, you’ll find the quietest rooms away from guest hang-out zones like the swimming pool or the lobby. You should also stay away from traffic zones like elevators or stairs.

Finally, if you can, request a room near the center of the building (or in the middle of long hallways). With rooms on all sides, you’ll have an extra sound barrier between you and bothersome outside noises.

3. Check with the Front Desk About Quiet Zones

Many hotels nowadays maintain quiet zones for guests. This means the hotel has quiet hours on certain days of the week during certain hours.

For example, a hotel might have quiet zones on particular floors from 9 p.m. to 10 a.m. the next day. No maid service, maintenance, or special projects happen between those hours, and no children or leisure groups are allowed within that time window, either.

4. Request a Room on an Upper Level

To avoid street noise, traffic noise, and the noise from guests located in rooms above you, request a room on the hotel’s upper levels.

However, beware of rooftop bars, patios, and noisy ventilation systems. The benefits from an upper level room get wiped out if any of these are nearby.

5. Avoid Business Hotels Near Nightlife

Is the hotel you’re considering on a street with plenty of bars, restaurants, clubs, and lounges?

Take this into consideration when making your decision. If you do decide to stay on a busy street, request a room at the back of the building.

Nightlife of another kind can be a problem, too.

Think about organizations and structures that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and major highways or interstates can produce enough noise at night to keep you awake for hours.

6. Try Hotels Near Trains or Airports

This may seem counterintuitive, but hotels near transportation hubs can actually be quieter than other options.

Why? Because these hotels invest in better insulation against the constant barrage of noise. That means, as long as you don’t go too cheap, you’ll get a room with superior sound-proofing.

7. When All Else Fails: Bring Ear Plugs or Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Even the quietest hotel can have occasional, one-off noise problems (construction down the street, an annual block party, or backed-up traffic from a nearby big event or concert, for example).

When even the quietest hotel you could find can’t deliver, whip out some ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones. Put a pillow over your head and start counting sheep. Finally, plan on having a big cup of coffee when you wake up.

Quiet Midtown New York Business Hotels Do Exist

Think it’s impossible to find business hotels in Midtown that provide the quiet you need?

Think again.

Concorde Hotel is built specifically for business travel, which means it’s a haven for busy professionals who need to catch their z’s.

With only four rooms per floor, there will be less noise from other guests, less traffic, and a quieter atmosphere.

Stay with us on your next business excursion and feel the difference for yourself.