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Internet Cafes Near the Concorde Hotel

Tim Welsh Explore New York

A change of scenery without the change in speed.

Although the Concorde offers high-speed WiFi in every room, we understand that sometimes you need a change in scenery without a change in work speed. Enter: the internet café. Packed with delicious breakfast and lunch options, coffee or tea, and high-speed WiFi, it has everything you need to stay fueled and focused while you work (or play).

The Best for Business

Zibetto Espresso Bar, situated in the Theater district, is known for its paninis and sweet treats alike. Offering both hot and cold espresso drinks, it’s sure to keep you energized as you plug in to the WiFi and get work done.

For the eco-conscious worker, Toby’s Estate Coffee serves locally-sourced coffee thanks to its headquarters in Brooklyn. Boasting reliable WiFi and plentiful seating, not to mention a variety of locations, it’s sure to meet any commuter’s needs.

The Perfect for Pleasure

When the gaming cannot take a vacation with you, visiting Waypoint Café is essential. Designed with gamers in mind, the café boasts both highspeed WiFi and computer rentals, as well as a café featuring everything from coffee to sandwiches and snacks.

Similarly, Alien Gang offers top-of-the-line gaming systems to ensure that no lag is interrupting Overwatch. Food options include typical Chinese noodles and various snacks, and the staff is sure to take care of you.

Best of Both Worlds

Regardless of what you’re looking for, The Bean probably has it. Offering both vegan and non-vegan food options, as well as high-speed WiFi and courteous staff, the only thing that appears to be missing is a location on every corner.

Whatever café fits your mood, New York City has one to fit. The hardest part is going to be choosing where to go, so let us help. Stop by the Concierge desk for recommendations on your way out!