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Pride Month in NYC: Midtown East

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New York hosts the largest Pride celebration in the entire world, and this June, it is geared to be even bigger.

For the first time, WorldPride is being held in conjunction with NYC Pride. WorldPride and NYC Pride are also happening during the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

Celebrations are happening where it all began back in 1969 – what a way to be a part of history in the making!

Pride Happens May-June

Events in May include the Staten Island PrideFest from May 9-May 18. It is a free event that all are welcome to attend.

To explore the history of Stonewall, stop by the Stonewall50 exhibit presented by the New York Historical Society from May 23 through September 22.

Towards the end of May, you can also participate in Queer History Walks presented by the Whitney Museum of American Art’s walking tours held in the Meatpacking District. These take place every Friday beginning May 31.

Another fun event is the Trans New York Harbor Pride Sail that takes place May 31 through June 29 on Saturdays. These cruises are two hours long, and tickets benefit LGBTQ+ youth programs at the Hetrick-Martin Institute.

Where to Stay During NYC Pride

You can be just about anywhere in NYC to be a part of the Pride experience. In midtown, you’ll be able to celebrate Pride Month with a walking tour right off of 5th avenue on June 9th and again on June 23rd.

Also on 5th, you can watch The Golden Girls Musical Parody: Pride Edition as it is performed several times between June 19 and July 6. These, in particular, are a short distance from the Concorde Hotel.

The pride of the Pride festivities happens at the end of June and is a short one-mile walk from the steps of the Concorde – the NYC Pride March and the WorldPride closing ceremony.

How to Get Around During Pride Month

While all are welcoming In NYC during pride month, many neighborhoods showcase LGBTQ+ communities.


Located in Manhattan, Chelsea is a significant point of LGBTQ+ socialization. You’ll find the area has a sizeable LGBTQ+ population.

To go from Chelsea to Greenwich Village, you can walk the mile that it takes to get there. If you’re at the Concorde, go to the Lexington Ave-53rd St. station and get on the E train. It’s the same train if you’re headed towards Hell’s Kitchen.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village was historically known for being LGBTQ+-friendly and continues to be a cultural mecca in Manhattan.

If you’re at the Concorde Hotel, jump on the M train off of the Lexington Ave/53rd St. station. It will exit on West 4th and Washington Square, and then it’s a five-minute walk to get to your destination.

Hell’s Kitchen & Morningside Heights

It wasn’t always this way, but over time, both Hell’s Kitchen and Morningside Heights have also developed a predominantly LGBTQ+ presence.

Morningside Heights is a bit farther from the Concorde, so you’ll go to the Lexington Ave-59th St. station and take the N train, then the number 1 train to get to your destination.

Brooklyn & Queens

Brooklyn has had a growing population of same-sex couples ever since same-sex marriages were legalized in 2011, specifically in Park Slope. Queens has become the hub for NYC’s transgender community, too.

To get to Brooklyn from the Concorde, you’ll jump on the M train at Lexington and 53rd, then take the C train at West 4th and Washington Square. To get to Queens, you’re going to have to get on a bus to make your way there.

Celebrate WorldPride in NYC Style

Join millions in celebrating what it means to be supportive or a part of the LGBTQ+ community and have fun while you’re at it. Know where to go and where to stay during NYC Pride to get the full experience.