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New York is quite literally full of tourist attractions and culturally significant sites. There is a reason that over 60,000,000 people visit NYC every year. If you have a passion about any form of art, there is going to be something significant for you in this city.

If we tried to write a guide on our website for you, we'd quickly end up with a page that scrolled on for years. Instead, we're going to focus on some of the attractions that you can walk to within 30 minutes of our hotel doors. We wanted to focus on attractions that you could mix in with any other responsibilities or plans that you already have established. 

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Our Recommendations

We could recommend great attractions for you all day long. If you want some personalized recommendations, stop by our concierge desk and we'll give you the inside scoop. In general though, we highly recommend these points of interest.

chrysler building

Chrysler Building

One of the most iconic architectural attractions in New York is just down Lexington from the hotel. We're big fans of the Chrysler Building and can't help but take in the beautiful aesthetic of the building on our way to grab a coffee from Little Collins.

Rockefeller Center

From the best viewpoint in Manhattan (Top of the Rock) to the iconic ice rink every Christmas season, Rockefeller Center is one of the must-see locations for any NYC traveler. The 5th Avenue shopping is also some of the best in New York. Basically, if you want some of the best shopping and views in New York, you NEED to walk 10 minutes from the hotel to Rockefeller Center.

top of rockefeller center

empire state building

Empire State Building

Day or night, the views from atop the Empire State Building is absolutely breathtaking. It's just a short drive or 28 minute walk to the best view in the city.


All that you need in this world is love and an amazing picture for Instagram. This location gives you both of those things. If you love New York, this is an easy way to show it off.
love sculpture new york

Museum of Modern Art


The Museum of Modern Art is known around the world for the cutting edge exhibits that they have on display year-round. If you're a fan of art, you owe it to yourself to visit this cultural gem.