Navigate New York seamlessly.

Go from your hotel to anywhere in NYC.

While we're thrilled about the interior of our hotel, we're equally thrilled by our location. The hotel is within walking distance of great attractions and everything that a guest might need. If you would like to get around though, there are a number of options in New York.

While all of these are self-serve options, you can also ask our concierge to help with any and all transportation needs. 

Transportation Map

Our Recommendations

You can get around New York just about however you want. That being said, here are a few options that you can consider when moving around town.

uber car service


Press a few buttons and the car arrives. We personally recommend Uber Black but Uber X is always a budget-friendly and convenient alternative to traditional cabs.

Yellow Cab Taxi

One could argue that no New York trip is truly complete without riding in at least one New York taxi. Go to to book yours at a pre-arranged time.

taxi cab



If you don't want to deal with traffic, grab a metro card and ride the subway. If you need a schedule, just check the MTA website.