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At 37 stories tall, The Concorde Hotel New York provides amazing views of NYC, as can only be experienced from the ideal location of Midtown East. This part of Manhattan boasts attractions like The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, 5th Avenue, and Madison Avenue.

If you stay with The Concorde Hotel New York, stunning sights will be at, or just beyond, your doorstep. Choose from a City View Deluxe Room or the high-demand One-Bedroom Suite with Terrace (located on the 10th floor) for the best vantage points.

No matter which room you choose at our boutique hotel, the oversized windows and lavishly outfitted rooms will leave no doubt that you are in the midst of the beautiful, bustling metropolis that is New York City.

When you stay at The Concorde Hotel New York, you may find yourself with one of the following views of NYC:

1. The East River

Our hotel is located near the 59th Street Bridge on the East River. Look through your window to catch a glimpse of the lights from Roosevelt Island or Queens. The Concorde Hotel New York is also an ideal location from which to view the famous Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks, which are set off every year from multiple barges on The East River. Skip the crowds in favor of a private show.

You can also travel down to see the river up close. Go kayaking or take the ferry to explore more of our beloved city. In the future, you will be able to walk along a waterfront esplanade.

2. Central Synagogue

This Reform synagogue was completed in 1872 and is one of the most prominent and beautiful pieces of architecture viewable from The Concorde Hotel New York. Based on a synagogue in Budapest, the building is recognizable thanks to its heavily adorned domed towers and decorative stonework.

The sun glinting off the copper spheres as you look out over New York City from your room at The Concorde Hotel New York is a sight that will truly make you feel as if you “run New York.” Enjoy the view while you sip your morning coffee, enjoy a meal brought to you by room service, or take a soak in your large, luxurious bathtub.

3. Park Avenue

Park Avenue is famous for buildings such as Grand Central Station, the Pan Am Building, and the Waldorf-Astoria. 740 Park Avenue is known for its luxury condominiums, which cater to some of NYC’s wealthiest residents.

Be sure to take a short walk to experience this busy boulevard in person. Nothing compares to the excitement of seeing the Grand Central Information Booth Clock up close or rubbing elbows with those who live in what many consider to be the poshest part of Manhattan.

4. Bloomberg Tower

This glass skyscraper is 55 stories of pure architectural genius. As the 32nd-tallest building in the city, it is recognizable and may even be on its way to being labeled iconic. This building, completed in 2004, is home to stores, restaurants, and even a few celebrities. Former tenants include Beyoncé, Brian Williams, and Mets owner Steven Cohen.

After a satisfying workout in the fitness center at The Concorde Hotel New York (which also has large windows and pleasant views of the city) take a stroll to see this newer addition to NYC’s skyline.

5. The City

The Concorde Hotel New York overlooks streets that are busy without being overwhelming. It is not trapped by the buildings surrounding it. This means that guests have a great view of NYC’s famous skyscrapers, stretching for blocks, and no fear of looking out the window only to find a concrete wall.

The hotel provides an excellent vantage point for people-watching, observing the city’s signature yellow taxis, and viewing some of our country’s proudest architectural achievements. It also makes an ideal home away from home during your trip to NYC. 

Relax in your room, away from it all, yet in the midst of everything.

As great as the rooms are, don’t forget to go out and make your own NYC memories. When you stay at The Concorde Hotel New York, the city is at your fingertips. 

Our hotel is close to coffee shops, restaurants, and boutique stores, and we are a short walk from Central Park and The Empire State Building. Until 2018, The Concorde was only available for use by British Airways personnel, but now this hotel gem is open to the public and waiting to serve you.

To experience New York City in all its glory, book your stay at The Concorde Hotel New York now.

Who knows? That one-bedroom suite with a terrace might just be available, waiting for you to look through the enormous bay windows at the best views of NYC.

 Check our rooms page to discover which of our rooms is right for you!