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Imagine waking up in a luxurious bed and then immediately walking out onto an open-air terrace with spectacular views of New York City. That’s what you have to look forward to if you book a hotel room with a terrace anywhere in the city. 

The ‘room with the view’ has an important history, literary and otherwise — after all, a room with a view of the Arno River is the primary plot point of E.M. Forster’s 1908 novel A Room with a View. Doomed lovers Romeo and Juliet even have a wrenching conversation from Juliet’s balcony in Shakespeare’s play. It’s clear: once you go with a balcony, you’ll never go back. 

As one of the most exciting cities in the world, with dozens of absolutely iconic sights, New York City is an especially important place to book a hotel room with a terrace. A balcony or terrace has many benefits for travelers, whether you are visiting for work or for fun. They are intimate, beautiful, relaxing, and a breath of fresh air — an absolute must when booking a hotel room. 

Here are six reasons why you’ll want a hotel room with a terrace. 

What is a Terrace?

First and foremost, in case you need clarification: what is a terrace? Per the usual definition, a terrace is a bit smaller than a balcony, but both are exterior platforms adjacent to a room or building. Unlike a balcony, though, a terrace can be on the ground floor, but at the Concorde Hotel, our terrace room is on the upper floors. 

Why Book a Terrace?

Now, without further ado, here are the top six reasons why you should book a hotel room with a terrace. 

1. Fresh Air

New York City, as with anywhere else, can certainly get stuffy at times, even indoors, and especially in the winter. A terrace or balcony gives you space to breathe and reset. Though it’s true that you can just open a window in a normal hotel room, having the option of just going out onto the terrace to take in the air for yourself can be amazing. 

2. Gorgeous Views, Day and Night

New York City is famous for its skyline, so why not splurge on a private viewing deck? A room with a terrace can offer spectacular views of some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, from the Empire State Building to the Hudson River. If you are a fan of cityscapes, why pay extra to visit an observation deck when your room already has its own? 

3. Relax and Unwind

A terrace is essentially a private oasis for you and your guests. If you have a busy day, a terrace is a perfect place to kick back and relax with a glass of wine in the evening. The Concorde Hotel’s terrace suite is decked out with a set of couches, making it the perfect place to relax.

4. Take a Smoke Break

Got a smoking habit that you just can’t kick? No judgment here — but there’s no better place to smoke a cigarette than on a private terrace. The Concorde Hotel has a no-smoking policy in the rooms, as do most luxury hotels, meaning the only way to smoke is on the terrace or outside.

5. More Privacy

What’s more luxurious than the feeling of having a private enclave in the middle of the city? From a terrace’s high vantage point, the city fades into the background, allowing you to make the most of your own space. Terraces in bustling New York City end up feeling like private retreats. There are also other privacy-related benefits to having a terrace, such as the ability to play music without disturbing your neighbors. 

Or are you on a romantic getaway — perhaps your honeymoon? Have a quiet, romantic time in the privacy of a terrace. 

6. Outdoor Space

Feel more in tune with the energy of the outdoors on a New York City terrace. Private outdoor space is hard to come by in the city. Other than New York City’s gorgeous public parks, it’s difficult to find somewhere where you can be outdoors, yet in private. Terraces are the solution to this conundrum — they allow visitors the feeling of the outdoors, despite the limitations of space in the city. 

The Concorde’s Terrace Room

Though all of the Concorde Hotel’s rooms offer spectacular views of the city, our One-Bedroom Suite with Terrace is the perfect option to take advantage of the six reasons listed above. This popular room option is situated on the tenth floor, with wide-ranging views of the East River and Park Avenue. 

This luxurious suite has many amenities to offer outside of the terrace, though. Guests can enjoy a flat-screen TV, a king-sized bed, a Nespresso machine, valet dry cleaning, and much more. The terrace itself is decorated with three low-slung, comfy couches, a table, and candles for added ambiance at night. Romantic, elegant, and private, the One-Bedroom Suite with a Terrace is the perfect option. 

Relax in luxury at the Concorde Hotel in New York City. Book now!