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The best way to experience the many cultures that makes up New York City is to take a culinary tour. You can step into a crowded bistro or hope to get a reservation at a fine dining restaurant. Alternatively, you could immerse yourself fully in the fast-paced excitement of the city and grab delicious food on the go from one of the many unmissable food carts and food trucks in New York City.

According to the website 6sqft, food vendors in NYC, as we now know them, first set up shop in the 1800s. Food carts and stalls provided ways for incoming Irish, German, and Jewish immigrants to earn a meager income. The Essex Street Market came in 1940, which consisted of predominantly Jewish and Italian food, and in the 1950s came an influx of Puerto Rican street vendors.

Now, you can find all kinds of delicious flavors from around the globe at these food trucks in New York City just by walking out of the Concorde Hotel New York and following your nose.

These are a few of our favorite food carts and food trucks in New York City:

  1.     Chang Lai Fishballs & Noodles – Chinese

This food cart has been in business since 1995. It’s a great place to stop for authentic, budget-friendly rice noodles, boiled tea eggs, curry fish balls, and beef tripe. Find them for breakfast or lunch in Chinatown. Cash only!

  1.     Mysttik Masaala – Indian

You may have guessed this food truck’s specialty is Chicken Tikka Masala. Pop by for some of the best authentic Indian street cuisine in Long Island City and Brooklyn.

  1.     NY Dosas – Vegan

NY Dosas, a cart run by “Dosa Man” Thiru Kumar, sells vegan dosas, which are essentially Indian crepes. This NYC food cart won the Vendy Award for best street food in NYC in 2007. Find the Dosa Man in Washington Square Park Monday-Saturday, 11 am-3 pm.

  1.     Birria-Landia – Mexican

This food truck is known for its tacos, but it’s so much more than a taco truck. The brothers that founded it do things “Tijuana style” and have trucks in Queens, Brooklyn, and (coming soon) The Bronx. Grab delicious tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, and a hot bowl of consommé for dipping at insanely reasonable prices.

  1.     King Souvlaki of Astoria – Greek

This food truck serves Greek cuisine, made with extra virgin Greek olive oil and imported Greek oregano. Grab a gyro or souvlaki from one of these family-owned food trucks in Astoria, Bayside, or Manhattan.

  1.     Baonanas – Dessert

Satisfy your sweet tooth by tracking down the Baonanas stand in Brooklyn during Smorgasburg. They put a new spin on the classic Filipino dessert Leche flan by offering more than 33 flavors of this delicious custard dish.

  1.     Billy’s Hot Dog Cart – Hot Dogs

New York City hot dog carts are legendary, but you want to be sure you go to one with an excellent reputation. That’s why we suggest visiting Billy’s Hot Dog Cart in Central Park. Billy is known for his kindness, generosity, and great conversation. It’s also the best place for a delicious hot dog and a warm, soft pretzel.

  1.     Jerk Pan – Jamaican

Jerk chicken and oxtail seem to be the main draw for this food truck, but they have an expansive menu featuring all kinds of Jamaican classics. Regulars always advise getting there early! You can find Jerk Pan in Midtown on weekdays from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

  1.     Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck – Pizza

There is nothing quite like grabbing a slice of pizza in NYC, especially when that pizza comes from an authentic Italian family who really knows how to make a good pie. Find them near Wall Street and Park Avenue Monday-Friday for a delicious lunch of Sicilian pizza by the slice, penne vodka, and more.

  1. Yumpling – Taiwanese

Yumpling came on the scene with just five choices on their menu: pan-fried pork dumplings, fried chicken sandwiches, and rice topped with chicken, beef, or eggplant. They recently opened a brick-and-mortar version of Yumpling in Queens, which offers a vegetarian version of their famous dumplings, as well as bubble tea and other new menu items.

Although the food truck won’t be running until “at least the pandemic is over,” their food is so popular we had to mention their counter-service store.

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