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As COVID restrictions lift in NYC, it’s easier than ever to go out and enjoy the warm weather. You’ve probably been longing to stroll down Park Avenue, take the ferry to Ellis Island, and eat outdoors. However, there is no better place to start than by visiting Central Park in the spring.

This vast 843-acre park in NYC offers an endless amount of natural beauty—and it’s all just a short walk from the Concorde Hotel New York.

These are a few of our favorite spots that showcase Central Park in the spring:

1. Sheep Meadow – located on the west side between 66th and 69th streets

This prime picnic spot is also a great place to find cherry blossoms in New York. It offers an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline and fifteen acres of lush, green lawn where visitors can lounge and play. Take a stroll along the Nell Singer Lilac Walk to find Yoshino Cherry Trees and other beautiful blooms.

2. North Woods – located in the middle of the park between 101st and 110th streets

You may just stumble upon the oldest structure in Central Park while walking along this wooded path. The North Woods is a great spot for exploring, bird watching, and catching a glimpse of whitetail deer through the lush branches.

3. Shakespeare Garden – located on the west side at 59th streets

This is one of the best places to enjoy blooms in Central Park in the spring. It’s mainly comprised of herbs and flowers mentioned in the work of William Shakespeare—hence the garden’s name. Find tulips, roses, crocuses, and more in this romantic four-acre plot.

4. Conservatory Garden – located on the east side between 104th and 106th streets

The Central Park Conservancy calls this a “hidden wonder” in Central Park. Combining English, French, and Italianate styles, this impeccably landscaped garden is an excellent location for a small spring wedding—or simply to enjoy the fine weather. Enter through the Vanderbilt Gate, and you’ll feel as if you’ve found a secret garden in the middle of Manhattan.

5. North Meadow Butterfly Gardens – located in the middle of the park at 103rd street

If you love butterflies and the plants that attract them, this is the place for you. Featuring butterflies in all stages of life, two species of milkweed, and other colorful plants, the butterfly garden provides an ideal place to observe nature.

6. Turtle Pond – located in the middle of the park at 80th street

Although most people think of flora when spring finally arrives, it’s lovely to see the fauna waking up and coming out to play—or, in this case, swim! The turtles are just coming out of brumation, and now is a great time to watch them sunbathe on the rocks at Turtle Pond. Species include red-eared sliders, snapping turtles, musk turtles, box turtles, and painted turtles.

7. Hallett Nature Sanctuary – located on the east side between 60th and 62nd streets

This wooded landscape is a prime spot for birdwatching. In 1934, it was designated as a bird sanctuary, and in 1986 it was renamed the Hallett Nature Sanctuary. In 2016, the Central Park Conservancy opened the area to the public after a fifteen-year project that included cleaning up the space and adding walking trails. Stop by for your chance to see robins, sparrows, owls—and maybe even the rare cerulean warbler.

8. Dene Slope – located on the east side between 65th and 67th streets

This meadow is another recently completed project by the Conservancy. They designed it to be a “native meadow” featuring native plants and flowers that require little maintenance—an essential feature for such a rocky, dusty slope. Now, it’s a beautiful, relaxing area to enjoy nature and glimpse the city skyline.

9. Cleopatra’s Needle – located on the east side at 81st street

If you’re a history buff, the warm weather that comes to Central Park in the spring provides an ideal opportunity to visit this famous obelisk. It was built sometime in the 1400s BCE and weighs 220 tons. The Egyptian government gifted one obelisk to America and a second to England. It’s located near Greywacke Arch, which leads to the Great Lawn. Consider taking a self-guided tour of the middle of Central Park on a warm spring day.

If you’ve been holding off on a trip to NYC because you were waiting for things to look brighter, rest assured that the sun is shining, and life is getting back to normal here. While you enjoy your springtime trip to NYC, don’t forget to take a day to enjoy Central Park in the spring.

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