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Can’t Keep a Magnificent City Down

New York City has seen her share of tragedy and loss. She has endured historic fires, devastating hurricanes, and attacks on freedom itself. Cries of outrage rang out around the world in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attack. The entire country mourned the loss with her. Still, that great beacon of hope rose, like a Phoenix, from the ash and debris, stronger and more beautiful than before.

2020 brought a new challenge to the beloved city. From Manhattan’s beautiful Concorde Hotel, windows that once looked out into an incredible skyline, filled with life showed an altogether different view. A hushed silence filled the once bustling streets as the Coronavirus had its wicked way. Travel restrictions halted tourism and businesses closed. For the first time in nearly fifty years, officials cancelled New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square. The City that Never Sleeps was indeed quiet, but she was merely resting.

Spring Has Sprung and the Big Apple Open for Business

Spring brings the promise of renewal and rebirth. In keeping with that vow, New York City has awakened from the long sleep of 2020. As buttercups and daffodils emerge, commerce in NYC begins once more. Performance art, music, food and shopping are available in abundance again.

The Return of Tourism

As of April 1st, domestic travel restrictions for vaccinated visitors will lessen. Self-quarantines for those longing for the sights and sounds New York City offers is a thing of the past. That’s right. Whether it’s a weekend escape or a week-long holiday, visitors are free to tour the city from the moment of arrival!

Visitors returning to the city will not regret the journey. The most famed city in the Empire State is waiting with open arms. Guests can expect to be greeted with great prices and a multitude of entertainment options. Whether in search of fine dining, theatrical venues, or sightseeing experiences to last a lifetime, NYC is ready and able to deliver.

Restaurants and Retail

Recent months saw the closure of many shops and restaurants. The delectable, mingling scents of everything from hot dog stands to fine eateries vanished, but not for long. Surviving eateries have adapted, and new ones are opening every day. To date, indoor dining is available at a limited capacity. To fill the gap, curbside service and delivery have expanded.

Manhattan eateries like the Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant, located just minutes from Central Park, The Rockefeller Center, and luxurious Concorde Hotel celebrate re-emergence. One can’t help smiling at the exuberant “WE’RE BACK” statement proudly headlining their website.

Retail staples synonymous with the city, like Saks off 5th and Bloomingdale’s are open to foot traffic. Meanwhile, retailers such as Ulta and TJ Maxx are expanding their presence in the area.

Best of all, happy shoppers are once again able to visit their favorite malls and shopping centers as customers enjoy the in-person shopping experience with renewed appreciation.

Fun and Games Are Back

As NYC rubs the sleep from her eyes, bowling alleys, bars, and movie theaters return to life. The famed Broadway performances may still be on hiatus, but outdoor entertainment is alive and well. Music fills the air and live performances spill into the streets.

Museums and Art Galleries

Many museums and art galleries are now open for business. Visitors now have access to many of the exhibits on in-person tours. The institutions are open at limited capacity and with so much to see, guests will want to plan ahead.

Sports and Recreation

Sporting events have returned to the Big City. Baseball, football, hockey, and soccer fans can once again get caught up in the game live and in person. Some restrictions remain on the permissible size of the venue and seating capacity. Perspective attendees should review current COVID regulations.

The New York Yankees will open their gates to ticketed fans on April 1st home game of the season. For Mets fans, April 8th will be a glorious date for ticket holders. Regardless of the game, crowds will once again cheer from the stands as “Let’s play ball!” signals the start of the game.

Indoor Fitness centers are flinging their doors open once again. Finally, after months of outdoor workout activities, dedicated athletic center owners can see light at the end of the tunnel. No longer required to haul heavy equipment back and forth, and risk exposure to the elements, the health minded residents of New York City can now enjoy exercise regimens inside again.

Wedding Bells are Ringing

With the long, quiet months of closure moving into the rearview, wedding venues are sparking to life. Bookings have taken the place of cancellations as restrictions ease. While there remain safety measures in place, nuptial festivities with family and friends are possible again. Nothing signals a return to life in quite the same way as the celebration of a union bound in love.

2020 was tough, but New York City has shaken the dust from her shoes and moved forward. Times Square is buzzing with life and the air is once more filled with the most delicious scents on earth. Her streets, temporarily silenced by COVID, again fill with the hustle and bustle of New Yorkers and visitors alike, and the Big Apple has proven once more that you can’t keep a magnificent city down.