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When you think of live theater in New York City, Broadway is probably the first place that comes to mind. Indeed, the beloved street is easily the most recognizable name associated with arts and culture in NYC. As such, if you only get to experience our city once in your life, most residents and non-residents will tell you that you must see a Broadway play.

While Broadway certainly makes the list of places to enjoy a good show, there are a number of other entertainment spaces worth visiting. If you’re interested in the arts, NYC offers venues in which you can experience the classics, explore something new, or opt for just a taste of live theater during your stay.

Go on-Broadway, off-Broadway, or off the beaten path with our list of places to experience live theater in New York City:

  1. Broadway

As we said, Broadway must make the list. There is no better place to witness live theatre classics such as Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, The Lion King, and To Kill a Mockingbird. You also have the opportunity to create new classics by opting for a fresher show like Six, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and Tina.

  1. Off-Broadway

Off-Broadway theatres have a smaller capacity, but the shows are often just as grand. Some notable upcoming performances and venues include The Chinese Lady (Public Theater), Rigoletto (The Metropolitan Opera), The Streets of New York (Irish Repertory Theatre), Blue Man Group (Astor Place Theatre), Jersey Boys (New World Stages), and Long Day’s Journey Into Night (Minetta Lane Theatre).

For something with a bit of spice, you can even see a burlesque version of The Nutcracker, called The Nutcracker Rouge, through the end of January.

  1. Off-Off-Broadway

Believe it or not, this is a genuine label for shows performed at some of the smallest venues in New York City. You may even have the opportunity to witness the birth of a show, before it’s performed by a full cast, or sit onstage during the performance.

Off-off-Broadway venues seat up to 99 people. These are a few of our favorite upcoming shows and their theatres: ANT Fest 2022 and (pray) (Ars Nova), The Hang (Here), God’s Fool (La Mama), First Mondays: Readings of New Works in Progress (Performance Space New York), Crazy Meshugga Hurricane Earthquake (Theater for the New City).

  1. Bryant Park

Although it’s hard to think of summertime performances with snow on the ground, the Picnic Performances in Bryant Park are well worth looking into if you’re planning a visit to NYC when the weather is warmer. The park is just ten minutes away from The Concorde Hotel New York, and past performances have included plays, concerts, and dance performances.

  1. Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Ellen’s Stardust Diner is the place to go for a great meal and stunning performances by singing waitstaff. Visiting the diner provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy dinner (or breakfast or lunch) and a show. Most of the employees are Broadway hopefuls, and they love leading a good showtunes sing-a-long!

  1. Jekyll & Hyde Club

This restaurant comes with a warning: “Something unusual happens every 10 minutes at the Jekyll and Hyde Club.” It’s a great place for dinner and live entertainment—if you’re a horror aficionado. Actors and special effects join together to create a one-of-a-kind, spooky meal experience.

Don’t forget to visit the haunted house before you leave!

  1. The Gallery at Green Fig

Green Fig is a restaurant located in Yotel New York, near Times Square. While not strictly considered a live theater venue, The Gallery at Green Fig plays host to The Drunk Shakespeare Society. A group of five professional actors attempts to perform a great work of Shakespeare, but there is a catch: one of them is drunk!

  1. New York Streets and Subways

One of the brilliant things about New York City is that you can find live performances anywhere. There is a street performer, a band, or a theatre troupe around every corner. Whether it’s opera singers on the subway, magicians in Central Park, or a living statue in Greenwich Village, all you have to do to find amazing Live Theater in New York City is take a walk.

The live entertainment scene in New York City began in 1750 on Nassau Street with a theatre company from Williamsburg. In 1798 came Park Theatre, then The Bowery Theatre in 1826. Broadway began as we know it in 1857.

Now, nearly 150 years later, New York City remains the place to go for budding actors and actresses and those who love the performing arts.

The Concorde Hotel New York is conveniently located near great entertainment spaces and access to the most famous live theater districts. Our concierge service is always happy to help guests find live theater in New York City that suits their taste.

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