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New York City welcomes visitors with unparalleled sights, sounds, and scents. Street performers delight fortunate onlookers, while the delectable scents of restaurants and street-fare fills the air. One of the most tantalizing scents is that of a cheesy, freshly baked pizza pie, right out of the oven.

A trip to the Big Apple without a slice of incredible New York-style pizza is like summer without sunshine. The season is still around, but some of the enjoyment gets left behind. The only question is, where to buy that perfect slice.

Sottocasa Pizzeria

This delightful pizzeria serves up award-winning Neapolitan pies in two locations. They bake their pies in a traditional wood-fire oven with just the right amount of crispy, melty, authentic, goodness. In both the Harlem and Brooklyn locations, guests are welcomed with friendly smiles and vibrant atmosphere. With offerings that include both vegetarian and meat filled options, Sottocasa Pizzaria has something for pizza lovers everywhere.

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop

This little slice of Brooklyn heaven will tantalize the taste buds with charred wood fired pies. Guests can expect to receive just what the name suggests, pizza by the slice. Of course, there are no limits on the number of slices patrons can buy, and whole pies are offered for groups and hungry diners alike. Paulie Gee’s offers both vegan and non-vegan menus and with pizzas like the Freddy Prinze and Vegan Freddy Prinze. an upside-down Sicilian, just one slice may be difficult.

East Village Pizza

This East End favorite was founded by two brothers, Mel and Frank, in the late 90s. They pack their Mediterranean Italian fusion with flavor. East Village Pizza sells their pies whole or by the slice, so guests can enjoy a belly-busting meal, or leave a little room for dessert. Diner’s choice is what it is all about at this eatery and their menu of calzones, heroes, wings, salad, and pizza prove it. Whether in search of a traditional piece of the pie, or a gluten-free alternative, these brothers say that they are the best around and the East End seems to agree.

Louie & Ernie’s Pizza

Louie & Ernie’s is a pizza parlor with a unique story. It was first opened by its namesakes, a pair of brothers back in 1947. Forty years later, another set of brothers bought the establishment. Today, John and Cosimo are just as proud of those incredible pies as were their predecessors, Louie and Ernie. From calzones to whole and sliced pies, these brothers provide an option-filled menu. For guests who just can’t get enough of their tasty pizza, frozen pies are available as well. Why not eat a slice now and take a whole pizza to go?

Juliana’s Pizzeria

Patrons of Juliana’s Pizzeria can begin with a tasty soup or salad before moving on to the star of the show. Their pizza offerings range from a simple pepperoni or prosciutto pie to one of their six house specials. They source the ingredients locally for each pizza when they can and internationally at other times. No matter the source, Juliana’s prides itself on choosing the very best ingredients for each and every pie.

Pizza for the Refined Palette

What visit to New York City would be complete without at least one fine dining experience? Not to worry, there are pizza offerings for even the most refined pallet. These restaurants are a bit pricier, but worth every bite.

Pasquale Jones

Pasquale Jones offers a variety of Italian-inspired dishes and pizzas to beat the band. Known as “the city’s poshest pizzeria”, Their Little Neck Clam Pizza is a crowd pleaser. It is just one of their mouth-watering baked pie options. Among others are the Diavola, which features a blend of Salumi Picante, Provolone, and Mint.  No matter which pizza, or non-pizza item patrons choose, one thing is certain. The food is incredible, but you will want to make reservations to ensure a seat.

Sofia Pizza Shoppe

The owners, Matthew Porter and Tom DeGerzia opened the Sofia Pizza Shoppe in 2016. This eatery was born of passion. Their mission statement says it all. “Each pie is a labor of love and our commitment to excellence is evident in every bite.” If the timing is just right, or a little advanced planning is at play, lucky diners may have the chance to enjoy the DoughDici. The elusive pie is only offered by tickets, occasionally sold via Instagram, but for serious pizza connoisseurs it is worth the trouble.

The Complete Experience

Every visit to the Big Apple can be a unique and exciting adventure. Trips, beginning with a stay in luxurious hotels like the Concorde, can only be enhanced by enjoying the full experience.

New York City’s pizzerias are a must for those seeking to make the most of their visit, and with so many options, there is a pizza for every appetite.