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Are you in charge of planning a corporate conference or event? The task may seem daunting at first, but we are here to break down the planning process into concrete, easy-to-answer questions. From budgeting to dining, equipment to location, here are 10 things to consider before booking a hotel conference room. 

Why are you booking a hotel conference room?

Is your company planning a series of corporate workshops? Are you meeting with clients? Prospective clients? Is this a presentation-based event? Are employees or guests coming from across the country? The world? 

The first thing to be sure of when planning a corporate conference is why, exactly, you are renting a hotel conference room. Establishing the why will help you figure out what you will need: for example, if you are hosting multiple workshops throughout the day, you will probably have to arrange for catering services. 

What is your budget?

This question is one of the most important on the list. Though it is self-explanatory, it bears mentioning that your budget will determine the kind of hotel you can book, the location of the hotel, the available amenities, and more. 

In addition to obvious costs like the meeting room(s) rental, make sure to consider potential hidden costs like setup fees, service fees, and equipment rental. One method to keep hidden costs from getting in the way is to set aside a portion of the budget for unexpected costs in advance. 

What is the best location for this meeting?

Once you have a handle on the budget, the next question to ask is about location. This point loops back to the purpose of the meeting, event, or conference. Is there a reason you are choosing a specific city? If you already have a general city in mind, are there more specific requirements? Some things to consider include convenience (e.g. distance to an airport) and nearby restaurants or attractions. 

The Concorde, for example, is located in Midtown East — about ten miles from LaGuardia International Airport, and in close proximity to the bustling heart of New York City. 

Are attendees staying at the hotel?

This question is closely related to the location of the meeting. If you are planning a local conference, or attendees are arranging their own stays, there is no need to budget for accommodations. However, you may have to consider other factors like parking or public transportation for commuters. 

How many people are you hosting?

And, similarly, how many are staying at the hotel? This question is one of the most important things to consider when budgeting for the event.

What is included with the facility?

Does the hotel you have chosen offer amenities? Does the conference room come with equipment (a projector, microphones, WiFi, printers, etc.)? Is a shared WiFi good enough for conference needs? Common amenities include a gym, an event space, an in-hotel restaurant and bar. Being aware of the amenities and equipment that are available at the hotel is essential for budgeting, and for pulling off a successful conference.

Click here for a list of the amenities we offer at The Concorde. 

Does the hotel offer corporate rates?

Accommodation costs will probably make up the majority of a conference budget. Luckily, many hotels offer business clientele special corporate rates that usually start at about a 10% discount. Usually, whoever is in charge of corporate accounts or travel booking can contact the hotel to negotiate a special rate.

The Concorde offers corporate rates. Inquiries should be directed to nmuir@concordehotelnewyork.com

How long is the conference?

The length of the conference, event, or meeting is another self-explanatory question, but it must be listed for its importance with regards to budget and even location. The longer the conference, the more necessary it is to choose a location with easy access to nearby shops, restaurants, and attractions, for the convenience of attendees. Also, it is crucial to book as early as possible when planning a longer conference to ensure availability. 

Are you providing food and beverages?

Conference attendees will most likely expect snacks and water, if not catered meals. Based on your budget and the length of the meeting or conference, you need to decide how (and when) attendees will eat. In-hotel restaurants are a good option, as is choosing a location with many nearby restaurants. In some cases, you may have to hire a caterer. 

Do you need lounge space/a larger event area?

Beyond conference rooms, you should consider whether your event or meeting requires a lounge space or a larger event area. If you are hosting a speaker, or if you are planning for a cocktail hour within the conference, you should book a hotel that also offers an event space. 

Don’t let planning a corporate conference overwhelm you — we at The Concorde are here to help. Host a meeting or an event in our state-of-the art space, which includes a luxe indoor and outdoor event area, a lounge and terrace, and meeting space. Book now!