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In the city that never sleeps, events are happening around the clock. This means there are countless venues available to host your event. However, not every event is created the same. You need the right venue for a truly unforgettable event that you and your guests remember. Consider these nine things when choosing the venue for your next planned event. 


Do not make your guests travel to the other side of town for your local event. Alternatively, don’t make guests from out of town travel to an inaccessible location from the airport or train station. Consider where your guests are coming from when choosing your event venue. The venue should be easy to get to for the majority of guests. This could mean choosing a venue closer to mass transit facilities like Midtown. Its centralized location places it between the two major airports and near the Grand Central Terminal. 




Your venue must be large enough to accommodate the number of guests you wish to invite. However, this does not mean that bigger is always better. A venue large enough to hold hundreds of guests will feel cavernous with only a few dozen people in it. Similarly, a venue that is too small will have people feeling crowded. Both situations make people feel equally uncomfortable. In addition, consider the type of event you plan to host. The venue needs to accommodate your guests for your event type. For example, a cocktail with 100 people will require significantly less space than a full banquet and dancing for 100 people. 


The ambiance is the general atmosphere of the venue. New York City is full of beautiful buildings offering a wide range of aesthetics. Some of the buildings are quite old, with elegant carved stone and brick architecture. Others have a modern feel with sleek lines of metal and concrete. Consider the type of guests you plan to invite and the feel of the event you plan to host. For example, guests accustomed to luxury and five-star service may not appreciate the ambiance of a gritty bar. However, they may rave about a venue with state-of-the-art styling or old-world elegance. 

Amenities and Services

For a smooth event hosting experience, consider the venue's amenities and services. At a minimum, your venue should have a kitchen, offer catering, or allow you to bring in an outside food vendor. In addition, consider if they will accommodate alcohol if you plan to serve it. The venue should have enough seating and tables for your guests. Ask about the sound system. The type of system you need can vary based on the type of event you plan to host. Consider the time of year when planning your event if your venue has an outdoor space. The venue should provide heaters during the cooler months or misters and fans during the warmer months. This will encourage people to use the outdoor space by making it more comfortable. These small touches are what make five-star venues stand out from the mediocre. 


With millions of people in New York City, multiple events occur daily. Because of this, venue demand is competitive. Therefore, once you find a venue you love, you need to ensure it is still available. Generally, you need to plan your venue one to two years from your expected event date. 


Consider the view if your event space has windows or an outdoor area. The New York City skyline is breathtaking. A venue that offers a stunning view will add to the ambiance and atmosphere of your event. In contrast, a lackluster view of the side of another building can be a black cloud bringing down the energy of your event. 


If you want a world-class event with luxury service and a sophisticated feel, you must be prepared to pay for it. There is truth in the saying; you get what you pay for. So don’t sabotage your party in the planning stages by choosing a budget-rate venue that can’t offer what you want. 


Parking in New York City is notoriously difficult. The event venue you choose should have parking available if you expect people to drive. This could be a parking garage on-site or nearby. Another option is a venue that offers valet services. This is an expected service for a luxury venue. 


If you expect your guests to travel to the city for your event, you need to consider accommodations and venue space. A venue that is located in a hotel can provide everything you and your guests need. Having the venue and accommodations in one location not only increases the convenience for your guests but also adds to the glamor and grandeur of the event. Consider the quality and availability of the accommodations in addition to the venue. 

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