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One of the great things about visiting a metropolis is that you know you can count on one thing: having plenty of transportation options. Private transportation is just a phone call away, and public transportation is just a few blocks away. You can even spring for something really special and see the sights by horse or boat.

In short, there are an endless number of ways to get around in NYC. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Train

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has public transportation down to a science. They boast the nation’s most extensive bus fleet, and their subway and commuter trains can take you just about anywhere in NYC and even part of Connecticut. Just check their website for train schedules, and keep in mind that buying a MetroCard with unlimited rides will probably be your smartest option.

2. Taxi

Hailing a yellow taxicab is something you have to do while in New York City. Make sure the car is marked and that you can see the driver’s medallion number located on top clearly. Walk out of a store, give a wave, and this iconic way to get around in NYC is yours.

3. Uber

Uber is a great modern alternative to taxis. Although the Taxi and Limousine Commission is working on something called E-Hail, which allows users to book their trips and get a quote in advance, Uber reigns supreme when it comes to that type of on-demand travel. Reserve your ride up to thirty days before you need it. Choose from an affordable sedan or something a little more luxurious.

4. Limo

Speaking of luxury, is there anything more glamorous than going out for a night on the town in a limo? There are several reputable services to choose from. Visit a Michelin-starred restaurant or attend a gala in style with a limousine ride in NYC.

5. Horse & Carriage

A horse and carriage ride through Manhattan, or even just around Central Park, is often more expensive than a limousine rental. However, it is a very unique and memorable experience. Whether you’re hoping to impress a special someone, create unforgettable memories for your kids, or want to splurge for your own enjoyment, a horse and carriage ride in a licensed NYC carriage is the way to do it.

6. Pedicab

You may know these better as rickshaws. You get to relax while a cyclist tows you and up to two friends around the city. These are viewed primarily as tourist vehicles, since they are pretty expensive (around $5 per minute), but they can be a fun way to see Central Park or even get to an event in a hurry. Occasionally, there are shortcuts unavailable to more typical NYC transportation.

7. Ferry

Sometimes, you have to use a ferry to get around in NYC. This is the case when visiting  Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty. If you want to see the statue, you’ve got to book a ferry ticket.

Other times, it’s optional—but it’s sure a lot of fun. Use the ferry to see the NYC skyline in a new light, or travel to Coney Island, Governor’s Island, South Brooklyn, and along the East River. Explore the routes of the NYC Ferry  here. The ferries even have a snack bar, making it ideal for commuters as well as tourists.

And don’t forget about the other ferry options—learn about the Staten Island Ferry and NY Water Taxis by clicking the link  here.

8. Bike

Bike riding is a great way to get around, help the environment, and exercise all at once. Sign up for a bike tour of  Central Park, Manhattan, the  Brooklyn Bridge, and more. You can also rent a bike via Citi Bike, which allows you to unlock a bike at any station and return it to any station. There are 1,500 bikes available throughout NYC. You can also rent a bike through  bikerent.nyc, which has multiple locations and bike tours.

There are so many fun ways to get around in NYC.

If you can’t decide between all of the above options, there is one form of transportation that will never steer you wrong: going for a walk around The Big Apple.

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