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Why Guests Simply Love Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar

Chic, delicious, and focused on cultural fusion, Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar exemplifies modern New York City. Located on the first floor of the Concorde Hotel, Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar is the perfect place for guests looking for a casual yet delectable breakfast or a late dinner after a day of seeing the city’s sights. This Instagram-worthy cafe turned tapas bar is a favorite among guests and locals alike for its fresh take on Spanish and Asian food.

Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar lives up to its Japanese-inspired name with its sake and sake pairings. In addition, it also offers an extensive wine and special cocktail list, which we expand upon below. The Zen, open-brick space is full of feng shui, complete with a garden patio perfect for summer nights. Escape to a peaceful oasis with a meal at Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar.

Run by experienced restaurateurs Kevin Cardenas and Ruben Cabrera, this restaurant puts spins on old classics and highlights cosmopolitan New York with its global influences. Continue reading to learn more about why our guests love Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar. 

1. It’s Right Downstairs

What’s better than a beautiful New York City bistro right in your building? When you stay at the intimate, luxurious Concorde Hotel, you will have extremely easy access to our in-house Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar, which is right on the first floor. 

Imagine waking up to a sprawling view of midtown Manhattan, then taking a short elevator ride to an elaborate brunch menu that includes à la carte options like avocado toast, goat cheese bruschetta, and steaming hot coffee as well as fresh pastries, among other fusion classics. 

2. It’s a Café

Open from 7 am to 1 pm in the afternoon every day, Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar is a great place to get some work done or to sit down to a luxurious brunch. The transformative dual aspect of the space is super appealing to many of our guests — it’s a two-for-one restaurant. The café version of Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar
focuses as much on fusion as the nighttime tapas bar, allowing for a unique breakfast or brunch experience. 

Bonsaii even offers a unique espresso bar — including the elaborate Cafe Bonsaii latte and chai tea — along with tea and brunch beverages like mimosas. 

3. It’s a Tapas Bar

From 5 pm to 11 pm at night, Bonsaii transforms into an intimate tapas and wine bar, complete with special cocktails and sake. Lit up by purple neon signs that offer a charming juxtaposition to the exposed brick and garden feel of the restaurant, Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar is rustic yet sensuous. 

There are dozens of tapas options, as to be expected, which lets you share and try new things. It’s the perfect place to share a drink with new people, whether visitors or New York City locals, or to sit down to a date

4. There’s an Extensive Wine List

Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar lives up to the tapas bar designation with its extensive wine list and knowledgeable servers. With a focus on Spanish wines of all kinds — reds, whites, and sparkling — you will never not have something to pair with your choice of tapas. Bonsaii also has an impressive collection of Prosecco, along with wines from South America, New Zealand, and France. 

Besides the wine list, you can also choose from an array of unique cocktails. These include Sparkling Paradise, a Spanish Cava and berry combo, and the Lychee Saketini, a fruity take on Japan’s delicious sake. 

5. It Has a Natural, Eclectic Feel

The garden patio of Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar gives the entire space a natural feel that can’t always be found in New York City. Its decor helps, too — with wood benches and omnipresent greenery, Bonsaii brings the outdoors indoors. It also has an eclectic vibe befitting its role as a tapas bar, complete with colorful murals and the aforementioned neon signs. 

6. Unique Spanish Fusion Flavors

Above all, guests love Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar for its fresh takes on classic tapas and its delicious fusion flavors. These include the Asian Caesar salad, which adds crispy wonton strips to a classic Caesar salad, Portobello Tacos, an amazing vegan option, and Bonsaii Meatballs, which brings Spanish flavors to an Italian dish. 

Of course, Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar also serves traditional tapas like Beef Empanadas, Guacamole, and Shrimp Tacos. Whatever you order, and whatever combination of things you order, it’s sure to be delicious. 

7. It’s Arranged with Feng Shui In Mind

Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar lives up to its name with a focus on feng shui, a traditional Chinese strategy for arranging things based on the flow of energy. The Japanese art of Bonsai has long been based on feng shui, and it is known for producing a contented energy; Bonsaii brings that same spirit into its arrangement and service. 

Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar is your 7-day-a-week delight, open from 7 am to 11 pm! Join us anytime for a taste of excitement and flavor. 

When you stay at The Concorde Hotel New York, Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar
is right downstairs. Book now for an incredible luxury experience.