Café Bonsaii

Café Bonsaii is a new café in NYC located on the first floor of the Concorde Hotel New York. In the morning, you can find coffee and light fare. In the evening, the cozy café transforms into a chic NYC wine and tapas bar.

The Food

Tapas are small plates of food, similar to appetizers.
The name originated in Spain, but the dish has evolved to encompass all kinds of delicious, delicate foods served in small portions.

At Café Bonsaii, we pay homage to the Japanese origin of our name by serving sake as well as wine. Indulge in tapas with an Asian flair, like the Asian Caesar Salad, made with creamy sesame dressing, diced mango, and crispy wonton strips. The East Asian Shrimp Skewers and Baked Asian Wings are also popular choices, and you can’t go wrong with the house special: Bonsaii Meatballs, served with your choice of pesto or chipotle marinara sauce.

The Bonsaii Café likes to put its own spin on new classics. In addition to flavors borrowed from our far eastern neighbors, we include a plethora of traditional Spanish flavors. Choose from Ceviche Aguachile or Guacamole, both served with plantain chips, or indulge in a Baked Chicken Empanada. Goat Cheese Bruschetta, Chicken Skewers, and the ever-popular Truffle Burrata are sure to be crowd (or date) pleasers.

If you aren’t sure of the best wine or sake pairing for your tapas choice, our knowledgeable staff are always available to make a recommendation to suit your tastes.

The Name

A Bonsai tree is any miniature tree or shrub that looks as if it is fully grown, typically planted in a shallow ceramic dish. It takes patience, care, and artistry to create these beautiful specimens. Although they are small, they hold hopes and dreams and tell a story. In Feng Shui, they are used to promote positive energy within a space and a deep connection with nature.

The qualities revered in the Bonsai tree reflect the heart of The Bonsaii Café. Though cozy and perhaps even unassuming, you can feel the energy of nature, the spirit of entrepreneurship, and the excitement of artistic expression. The palates of flavor tell a story of cultural fusion and a passion for cuisine that can only be described as exceptional.

You’ll find a relaxing atmosphere, stunning presentation, and the best tapas in NYC when you visit Café Bonsaii at the Concorde Hotel New York. It’s the perfect spot for a business meeting, a first date, or an outing with friends. The intimate atmosphere, warm lighting, and earthy surroundings create a sense of calm the moment you walk through the door.

Unmatched Quality

Café Bonsaii uses only the finest ingredients. Experience the fullest flavors imaginable with fresh meat, organic eggs, and crisp vegetables. Our trained chefs are seasoning experts, ensuring a bold new experience for your palate. Pair your tapas with a fine red or white wine, or perhaps a smooth, high-quality sake, served warm or cold according to your preference.

Feel confident bringing any dinner guest to join you at our NYC wine bar, as we proudly offer vegetarian and pescatarian options.

Unmatched Service

The Concorde Hotel New York has always stood for hospitality. We began as a hotel used exclusively for British Airways employees—hospitality for the hospitality industry. Now, we are a highly rated boutique hotel known for its excellent location in the heart of Manhattan. We are proud also to be known as a partner of this superb café that offers light fare, wine, and tapas in NYC.

Opening Hours

Café open 8:00am-1:00pm
Wine and tapas from 5:00pm-11:00pm

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