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Staying at the Concorde Hotel New York is a smart choice so that you can experience all that Midtown East has to offer. Its central location makes navigating the city simple. While it is often overlooked as “Old New York,” this dynamic district has plenty to offer those with sophisticated tastes. You will find iconic sites, chic bars, and exquisite dining. 


Midtown East is a homage to old New York City. Some may find it old, but there is beauty in this old New York that you don’t find elsewhere. The buildings are beautifully maintained with classic architectural elements. Its quietness lets you find peace in an otherwise fast-paced city. 

To the north, you will find the posh neighborhoods of Lennox Hill and the Upper East Side. To the south, there is Muarrt Hill and Kips Bay. To the west is the heart of Midtown Manhattan, and a bit further is Hell’s Kitchen, 

Culture and Community 

Midtown East has a reputation for being an older part of New York City. It is full of well-established buildings and wealthy older New Yorkers. For some, this can mean that Midtown East is quieter than other neighborhoods. However, it also means that Midtown East is one of the safest areas of New York. Midtown East has a cosmopolitan feel with many international visitors and residents. There is an elegant international feel with the UN headquarters and several diplomatic headquarters in the neighborhood. 

Must-See Sites 

There is plenty to see in Midtown East during your trip to New York City. All of them are about a mile or less from the Concorde Hotel. This makes walking, taking a taxi, or using a car service to commute to these locations simple. 

Chrysler Building 

As one of the most iconic buildings on the New York skyline, the Chrysler Building is an elite specimen of architectural ingenuity. Its bold Art Deco design stands out. 

Grand Central Terminal

As New York City's transportation hub, the Grand Central Terminal is a Manhattan icon. Its history dates back to the city’s humble beginnings. Take a 15-minute walk or 5-minute cab ride to see the Tiffany clock outside, the blue concourse ceiling covered in constellations, and the famous four-sided clock. Even if you aren’t traveling, there are plenty of shopping, dining, and bar options within the terminal.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

A less than five-minute walk from the Concorde Hotel is St. Patrick's Cathedral. Opening in 1879, it is one of the oldest churches in New York City. At the time of its building, the church was far outside of the city in what was once wilderness. It is now deep in the city with its central location in Midtown. You can visit the Cathedral by booking an official tour. It is a 50-minute self-guided audio tour. 

United Nations Headquarters 

The UN Headquarters is an international hub where world leaders discuss humanitarian efforts and inter-country relations. While much of the complex is closed to public access, there are several tours you can take. Depending on the day’s schedule, you could see where some of the world’s most important decisions are made. Visit during the summer, and the garden tour is a must-see with priceless sculptures and a piece of the Berlin Wall. 

Restaurants and Bars 

Midtown East isn’t the place for ultra-trendy nightclubs. It is the place you go for a sophisticated atmosphere and elevated craft cocktails. The bars have an intellectual, cosmopolitan, or romantic vibe. There are also multiple world-class restaurants offering a range of international cuisines. This is largely due to the UN Headquarters bringing a more diverse population to the neighborhood. You could dine at a modern steakhouse, sake speakeasy, or French restaurant that will make you feel like you are in Paris. 

Book your stay at the Concorde Hotel New York and experience the dynamic Midtown East district.