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Best Places to Do Business in Midtown East

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Midtown East is the perfect location for business travelers in New York City. A prime location with proximity to the Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and Grand City Central Terminal, the connectivity and options for shopping, dining, and drinking are virtually limitless. Finding the perfect business hotel in New York can make a big difference when it comes to having an …

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AAA Member Deals in NYC

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It comes as no surprise that owning a car, and the associated hefty cost of parking in Greater New York, is often a deterrent for New Yorkers.  If you find yourself picking public transportation to bypass this inconvenience – don’t! AAA (American Automobile Association) is thankfully changing the game. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a membership that …

A Luxury Weekend in New York

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New York city is packed full of the finest cuisine, entertainment, shopping, and hotels, making It the perfect destination for travelers looking for the luxurious experience. Everyone knows that NYC is home to some of the best eats, but not all food is created equal in the big apple. Nothing says luxury cuisine better than Michelin stars and that’s exactly …

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What to Do Around Rockefeller Center

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The Rockefeller Center is a New York City icon, consisting of 19 commercial building that sprawl over 22 acres! Exploring the entire Rockefeller Center can be quite exhausting, maybe impossible in one day, so we’ve narrowed down our must-do list for anyone visiting the Rockefeller.  Our favorite spots around Rockefeller Center. Dining – Restaurants & Bars Walking around the 22 …

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New York Movies in the Park

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Breaking into song down or reliving the moment that a lowly maid found love with a U.S Senator could almost be normal in Central Park. With as many movies are filmed on location, you too could be like Amy Adams dancing along the way or Jennifer Lopez walking hand-in-hand with Ralph Fiennes. Of course, if you’d rather not play pretend, …

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Pride Month in NYC: Midtown East

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New York hosts the largest Pride celebration in the entire world, and this June, it is geared to be even bigger. For the first time, WorldPride is being held in conjunction with NYC Pride. WorldPride and NYC Pride are also happening during the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Celebrations are happening where it all began back in 1969 – …

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What to Do in Midtown East on Thursday

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Just because it’s a Thursday doesn’t mean you have nothing to do. Quite the contrary, especially in Midtown. Midtown East is one of the busiest areas of NYC thanks to the proximity to Central Park, 5th Avenue, Broadway, Times Square, and almost all of the famous landmarks you know like the Empire State Building. Once you’ve explored the sites, you’re …

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Fleet Week in NYC

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Fleet Week is one of the most time-honored traditions that take place along the Hudson River every year in New York. This year, it starts Wednesday, May 22, 2019, and will go through May 28, 2019. But what is Fleet Week? The short answer is that it’s a week-long celebration that commemorates the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard …

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Find Great Free Wifi for Working in NYC

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When you travel for business, you need to be on your game wherever you might roam — and that means having internet access through your laptop, iPad, or mobile phone. If you’re doing business in New York City, the pace is fast, so you might find yourself slipping in a bit of extra work on the side to get everything …

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Tying the Knot? Consider These Fabulous Wedding Venues in NYC

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No matter what your style — chic, relaxed, formal, or fun — there’s a wedding venue in NYC that will take your vow-sharing ceremony to the next level. In fact, we’ve got loads of venues, from intimate to over-the-top, just a short distance from the Concorde. Plus, when you stay with us, you and your wedding party can experience the …